Intuitive I Ching

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

Need advice on finance, personal development, relationships, health, enterprise, travel?

Wouldn't it be handy if we could know in advance more about the above and many other matters before we made decisions on them?

Well ... surprise surprise ... we can.

For more than four thousand years the I Ching oracle has been giving guidance to people seeking direction and assurance.

The I Ching can often provide a wonderful source of advice when we are faced with difficult decisions, when we find ourselves at a crossroads in life, in matters of relationships and with health issues. And, of course, in matters of finance.

Its unique properties offer not only a Yes/No answer, but also show a way to make the best of the situation about which it is being consulted.

Now you too can access the I Ching's wisdom and farsightedness. Why not contact us for a complete and personalised I Ching reading?

Read what previous users have said about OUR readings

Leonie, The Netherlands:

"When I asked you for a reading I did not have any expectation what was going to happen.  I was very surprised with the answer: work on what has been spoiled and be very careful on how to proceed. That is how I understood it.

Yes, I would recommend you to other people."

Juliana, Puerto Rico:

"The I Ching reading was an excellent way to find out if moving our practice to a new location was a good idea.  Barry did it in a timely manner and the explanation was thorough and complete.  Thank you.

We will use it again."

Matusha, Florida, U.S.A.

"... The reading was part of the stepping stone of the Universe brought to my life through Barry's channeling of the I Ching intuition and talent.  The reading allowed me to consolidate years of self-discovery and hard work in trying to figure out my life.  The reading also brought a series of dreams and epiphanies that have moved through leaps of self-realizations and self-assurances which have created a transformation in my life.

I believe the hour Barry and I spend on my reading is the best time invested in my life in a long, long time."
René, Vinkeveen, The Netherlands:

"I found Barry's I Ching full of insight. The reading addressed the topic concerned and brought up some useful material for further contemplation."